We strongly believe that a profesional team, passionate about their call for service to others, is the most important factor in the quality of the outcome. We are pleased to make this journey, ¡The trek of your life!.

Paramo Trek was created thanks to the inspiration and enthusiasms of a young Environmental Engineer from Medellin, passionate about the mountains and their preservation, who has arrived in Salento to experience them wholly.

Paramo Trek in Salento, is a hiking tour operator , that offers tours for the lovers of nature, of one of the most exciting touristic destinations in Colombia known for its natural wonders, the culture and the multicultural architecture.

We are fortunate for living and working in this charming place full of such a biological and cultural diversity. We want to be part of the sustainable process of the region, offering our knowledge and to be a positive influence in the community development, helping them to recognize the importance of planning and structuring the tourism policies in the region. For this reason Paramo Trek has under taken the task of implementing internal tourism and environmental policies. Hopefully, we will have contributed to a significant change about the people´s habits and to the sustainability.


• Professionalism

• Leadership

• Integrity

• Accountability

• Puntuality

Do you know the meaning of Carbon Footprint?

The total amount of greenhouse gases produced to directly and indirectly support human activities, usually expressed in equivalent tons of carbon dioxide (CO2)*

Administrative Manager

Environmental Engineer. Was born in Medellin, and has been a pioneer of backpacker turism in Manizales city, and is one of the co-founders of “Colombian Hostels Association”. After 9 years of promoting the turism in Manizales, she decided to explore the Salento región and its surroundings, and ended up opening “Paramo Trek”, a new Project in association with some mountaneer friends from different regions of Colombia.

Their purpose is to motivate travellers to experience and become passionate while exploring each corner of this impressive natural landscape.


Our team is compound by high qualified and experienced guides, Sena practitioners in Turitic Guidance, environmental interpreters and some locals. All of them have good knowledge of the geography of the región, and some of them have even been born by the mountains.

They are people who will gladly transmit their knowledge of the region to you, and always interacting with much respect towards the different cultures.


You will know and learn everything regarding the variety of our Fauna and Flora in places of great diversity including interesting encounters with the community families.

Paramo Trek contributes to the economy of the region by employing people from the surroundings of Parque Nacional Los Nevados paying them a fair salary, and offering them the best possible job conditions.

Felipe Andres Echeverri

Julián Fernando Castaño

Fredy Cardona

Juan Carlos Peña

German Liberato González



Half way ascending to the paramo Romerales, is the place where Don Carlos, his wife Ludivia and his youngest son Juan live.

They are kind people willing to serve anyone who visits them.

This is one of the typical families up in the mountain.


In this challenging hábitat of the paramo there is a bonfire which burns permanently. It is where they prepare and keep warm food and beverages for their visitors who arrive at the place hungry and cold. Doña Mabel and her children have been living there for about ten years, this is now their habitat.

They milk the cows they have, and always offer fresh milk to drink. Her oldest son German guides us on horseback around the paramo.



On the way to Nevado del Tolima, in the coldness of the paramo  in  Parque Nacional Los Nevados, is located a farm called “Finca La Playa”.  Here Don Ersain, his wife Astrid live with their two little children.

They spend their time taking care of their cows for the production of milk and also make  cheese which they manage to sell in Salento. They have adapted their home to receive visitors and by doing this they get  an extra income to survive in this rough habitat.


In the mountains  of the tropical forest  heading for Parque Nacional Los Nevados, there is another family. Don Javier, Doña Gloria and their son. They are always looking after their cows, their place and their  many pets.

They produce cheese of excellent  quality which is mostly consumed in Salento. They are very welcoming people and offer good service of accomodation, food and horses to carry the backpacks to visitors.